Today’s Favorite Song

Listening to NPR and visiting the NPR website is starting to show when you look at the music I’ve been listening to lately.  I just learned about a recently released album by Zooey Deshanel.  She has become one of my favorite actresses over the last few years.  The first film I ever saw her in (that I am aware of) was Almost Famous as the rebellious older sister, Anita Miller, who went off to see the world as a flight attendant to get out from under her overbearing mother’s thumb.  The film that I fell in love with her in though was Elf.  This is where I first heard Zooey sing.  Her character, Jovie, sang “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with Will Farrell while she was in the staff shower at work before the morning shift was to start.  I am very excited about an upcoming project she is a part of where she will be portraying Janis Joplin.  The girl can sing! 

This afternoon I purchased an album called Volume One by the group She & Him.  The group consists of Zooey Deshanel and M. Ward and the music they perform may be categorized under Alternative on iTunes but I would call it more eclectic folk/vocal instead.  Here is one of the songs from this album which is a cover of The Miracles & Smokey Robinson’s “You Really Got A Hold On Me“.  Percy Sledge also did a version of this song.  Zooey’s vocals on this track are absolutely beautiful!  I love how her voice just dances and glides through the melody.  Unfortunately the only video on YouTube with a direct feed of the cd track is attached to a silly little video of vintage cartoon footage.  I hope you will still take a moment to listen though.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Today’s Favorite Song

  1. I THANK you for exposing me to so much music! I have to stick to movies and books for my ‘knowledge’ areas and defer all things musicy to others!

    however, my hub came home and asked me about DUFFY cuz he had never heard of her (nor me, of course) and I think I may rush out to buy her latest… AND, did you know Scarlet Johansson just released an album?

    Whew, I’ve had too much coffee this am… I’ve got Tristan P. on youtube as I type this. and I love ZOOEY, too!

  2. I just pre-ordered Duffy’s album on iTunes (the release date is this coming Tuesday) and am very excited about it. I spent this yesterday afternoon listening to most of the tracks on the album on her MySpace page. Yes, I am 33 going on 14 but hey!
    At first I didn’t know if I liked her voice but I definately can recognize and admire the talent and musicianship she has. I’m glad you are enjoying the “Today’s Favorite Song” feature. I just love sharing music with people and this is such a great way to do it.

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