Booking Through Thursday ~ May 22nd

  “Books and films both tell stories, but what we want from a book can be different from what we want from a movie. Is this true for you? If so, what’s the difference between a book and a movie?”

To me the difference is the investment I’m willing to make.  I spend only a few hours with a movie and it’s easy to revisit it at any time once I own the DVD.  A book is something that stays with me physically for days if not weeks at a time.  I take it with me and it keeps me company while I’m alone waiting in line or waiting for friends for lunch.  A movie tells me what I need to know in such a short time.  It can be like a roller coaster ride for the mind where a book is like an intimate relationship.  It’s just me, the characters and the story.    

I am going to read things that bring me joy, make me think and tend to make a different kind of impression on my mind than that made by a movie.  I love movies and I have a huge list of favorites that are like old friends but books offer a bit more meat for me to dig into.  I have control over how quickly I take in the information when reading and books are easier to pause/put down and pick up at another time.  Remember Joey from “Friends” when he put “The Shining” and “Little Women” in the freezer?  I love that!! 

5 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday ~ May 22nd

  1. Never watched “Friends,” but that phrase “a roller coaster ride for the mind” is a wonderful description of a great movie. Too bad they aren’t all that good.

  2. Movies and books are different but both tell a story. Books are more personal but movies can actually be more impactful – maybe it depends on the imagination abilities and how many senses you can get into play? movies give you both the intellectual depth of character study, but music and conversation, tone, and of course the VISUAL. But if you have that ability to create in your head the uses of all those senses, then books give you YOU right back at ya. Movies are somebody elses interpretation.

  3. Are you reading Like Water For Chocolate…this was one of my all time favorite movies – so amazingly beautiful…so well done.

    I have a different love for movies and books…I consider them totally different…

    My books are more intimate for me as well…and movies more of a quick fix.

    I am weak for aesthetics…landscape and people…so movies afford me that.

    It’s a mood thing for me, I suppose.

  4. I think books have you have a more vivid imagination because you, the reader, need to visualize what it’s saying. Your mind can wonder and make a situation bigger, smaller, more intense, or however emotional you want than what is just described on paper. Movies are nice to actually see what you have imaged come alive. But in the end the story in the book always seems to come out better than the Hollywood version.
    That’s my babble.

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