Today’s Favorite Song

So I’m sitting here reading my Google Reader page and listening to Internet Radio via iTunes when along comes a song I haven’t heard in ages.  It’s “Pump Up The Volume” by M.A.R.S. and it is making me want to move.  I love this song and remember it from a million years ago.  Here is the cool music video with early N.A.S.A. footage.  It’s very vintage and very cool!

3 thoughts on “Today’s Favorite Song

  1. Thanks, that was very fun! I started Vintage Dancing…funny how there are some moves you just can’t loose!

  2. Oh, what a great video! We just watched “Apollo 13” with Tom Hanks the other night; how appropriate! I love vintage stuff and what a peppy song. I remember that one too. Thanks for finding it. 🙂

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